Progress Update: Private Sale

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2 min readMay 4, 2022

Hello Space Travelers!

As revealed in our roadmap, we have been working on our private sale (or strategic pre-sale) for a while now. Now, we have initially confirmed 80+ strategic investors through this private sale.

We would like to explain our thoughts behind the process, and also share some more details of the sale.

Land Offering

Currently, the types of land offered in the private sale are Iris (6x6), Ark (12x12), and Osiris (24x24).

By Invitation Only

We have a duty to our community to plan the development of the GigaSpace. The early investors and partners will play a crucial role in shaping the metaverse. We believe in aligning the partners over the longer term, and it is the key to successfully fostering a healthy ecosystem. We want to build a sustainable environment for our community, therefore all partners are carefully selected.

City Planning

Just like in real life, city planning is also necessary for the metaverse. This is the reason why we initiated Project Spaceport, and invited partners to join us in building vibrant neighborhoods.

Brands are invited to build on our land to bring more traffic to different locations.

Partnership Announcements?

We would love to share the good news as soon as possible, and will announce our partners one by one when it is appropriate to do so.

Blueprint (roadmap) of the GigaSpace

About GigaSpace

GigaSpace is a blockchain based virtual space metaverse where users can purchase land NFTs to create content and explore worlds. It offers a platform to drive the adoption of Web3 by helping brands and partners build their presence in the metaverse.

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