GigaSpace Secures Investment from STEPN’s Creator Find Satoshi Lab & ProDigital Future Fund for Creating a Virtual City for Runners

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3 min readJul 6, 2023


We are pleased to announce a significant milestone in our growth journey with a strategic investment from Find Satoshi Lab, the parent company of the popular web3 lifestyle app STEPN, and ProDigital Future Fund, a leading web3 venture capital fund at the forefront of web3 investments. This investment will serve as the cornerstone for our next strategic round, with a target of raising $3 million this year to accelerate GigaSpace’s expansion plans, including the creation of a STEPN virtual city for the fitness-loving community.

Find Satoshi Lab’s investment in GigaSpace is a testament to the shared vision of revolutionizing the web3 community experience through innovative ideas and forward-thinking solutions. With their deep expertise in the web3 space and their remarkable track record with STEPN, Find Satoshi Lab brings invaluable strategic guidance and resources to fuel GigaSpace’s growth and market presence.

“We’re thrilled to announce our strategic partnerships with Find Satoshi Lab and ProDigital Future Fund. With their invaluable resources and thriving community, we are excited to unlock new opportunities and provide exciting events and utilities for fitness enthusiasts within the GigaSpace ecosystem. Stay tuned for the incredible journey ahead!” says M, co-founder of GigaSpace.

GigaSpace is a shared metaverse with social and game elements that bring together web3 communities, providing a lively social environment for individuals to connect and interact. By empowering communities to build within the metaverse, GigaSpace encourages community engagement and facilitates the exploration of novel use cases for NFTs and tokens.

The funds from this strategic investment will fuel the development of STEPN City, a sports-themed virtual world that offers a wide range of facilities and spaces. Within STEPN City, users will find features like the STEPN Maze, STEPN Community Center, STEPN Mall, and STEPN Tower. These environments allow users to not only purchase merchandise but also organize community events and engage with each other in meaningful ways.

“We at Find Satoshi Lab are extremely excited about this opportunity to strategically invest in Gigaspace and grow alongside with the dedicated team that will be building a lot of event space for our ecosystem. This marks the potential unleash of all you can imagine about recreational activities and hang-outs in the “metaverse”. We are particularly thrilled for the synergy it can bring for MOOAR and STEPN via working with Gigaspace,” says Mable Jiang, Chief Revenue Officer of Find Satoshi Lab.

Prodigital Future Fund will spearhead the upcoming strategic investment round for GigaSpace, aiming to expedite the company’s expansion plans.

“We are delighted to be early believers in GigaSpace and are committed to supporting its future endeavors. Like STEPN, we recognize the team’s passion for gaming and their ability to leverage their expertise in the web3 space to create market-fit applications and experience rapid growth. Last year, while assisting STEPN in establishing its presence in Hong Kong, we had the opportunity to introduce the GigaSpace team to Find Satoshi Lab. Now, we are thrilled to join forces with Find Satoshi Lab in this investment venture. This is just the beginning of an exciting and promising future,” said Curt Shi, founding partner of ProDigital Future Fund and an early investor of STEPN.

About GigaSpace

GigaSpace is creating a collaborative and expansive metaverse that unites all web3 communities under a single celestial sky. By providing robust infrastructure and utilities, it empowers communities and projects to seamlessly integrate with its virtual world, saving time and resources while fostering innovation and exploration. For additional information, visit:

About Find Satoshi Lab

Founded in 2021, Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) is a gaming and development studio connecting players to web3. FSL’s mission is to educate and introduce individuals to web3 while encouraging healthy living, and combating climate change. FSL brands include STEPN, MOOAR, and DOOAR. For additional information on Find Satoshi Lab, visit:

About ProDigital Future Fund

ProDigital Future Fund is a Web3 venture fund led by Ben Ng, a venture partner at an Asian private equity firm called SAIF Partners, and Curt Shi, a long-time tech investor in the web3 space. ProDigital Future Fund’s investment strategy is to target early-stage and developing ventures, mostly Chinese-connected tech companies that are transitioning into emerging technologies such as web3. For additional information on ProDigital Future Fund, visit: