Exploring the Achievement System in GigaSpace

Unlock achievements and earn rewards in GigaSpace

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2 min readMar 7, 2023

In GigaSpace, we believe that achievements should be rewarded, especially in a metaverse that emphasizes community and collaboration. Our achievement system is designed to encourage users to explore and engage with the GigaSpace metaverse.

How the Achievement System Works

Unlike traditional systems that track achievements on a database, we use soulbound token (SBT) technology to ensure users’ records are stored permanently on the blockchain. Through our dedicated system, users who have completed certain achievements will be able to claim an SBT through the Arbitrum network. This provides a tangible and valuable reward for users.

Soulbound Token

Tiered Structure of Achievements

The achievement system is built on a tiered structure that ranges from basic to advanced achievements. Basic achievements include actions such as creating an avatar and exploring the metaverse, while advanced achievements require more complex actions like owning multiple properties and hosting community events. As users progress through the tiers, they will earn rewards such as unique wearables, governance tokens, and other special items that can be used in the metaverse.

Rewards for Achievements

These rewards not only recognize users for their achievements but also allow them to customize their avatars and properties to make them stand out in the metaverse. For example, users who complete certain achievements may receive exclusive wearables that are not available to others. Governance tokens can be used to purchase items or properties, while special items like vehicles or furniture can be used to decorate and personalize their properties.

Community-Driven Achievements

In addition to individual achievements, we also encourage community-driven achievements that require collaboration and interaction among users. These achievements promote a sense of community and teamwork in the GigaSpace metaverse. For example, users may need to work together to complete a specific challenge or participate in a community event to earn the achievement.

Constantly Updating the System

We will be constantly updating and adding new achievements to ensure that users have a variety of challenges to explore and engage with. Our goal is to create a rewarding and engaging experience for users that goes beyond just exploring the metaverse.

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